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Power of Attorney (Incapacity) Pricing

There are various kinds of Power of Attorney (POA). The most-used is a document that supports a person who is incapacitated mentally and/or physically so cannot carry out normal business and/or personal care – known as the Combined Power of Attorney. It allows a trusted friend, family member or multiplicity of people to do what is needed, armed with full legal rights conferred by “the Adult” as the granter of the POA is known under the Adults With Incapacity (Scotland) Act. The document is lengthy and complex and must be tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the Adult. A basic POA may require meeting and consultation with the solicitor, the drafting of the POA document, its completion and execution (i.e. signing and witnessing) – it must also be certified by the solicitor and then registered with the Office of the Public Guardian Scotland (OPG) to take effect.

For a basic single POA, the fee may be £200 plus VAT £40. There may be an additional fee if a home or hospital visit is required. The outlay is currently £81, charged by and paid to the OPG.

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