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No one starts a relationship, whether it be co-habiting or marriage, with the intention of breaking up.  However, the world over, that’s what happens in life and when people decide to break up a relationship either amicably by mutual agreement, or perhaps in a not so friendly fashion, obtaining expert  legal  advice is of paramount importance most particularly where children are involved. 

Our mission at Guarino & Thomson is to assist people in these situations, on a private fee basis, to get where they need to go but in a way that is best for all concerned.  We do not consider that this means going to war with our client’s ex-partner via his or her solicitors; rather we prefer to try and take the heat out of the situation and find common ground for negotiation whilst, at all times, ensuring that we best protect our client’s interests.  

Family law is a sensitive area which should be handled sensitively.  We try in all cases to reach a settlement with the other side without the necessity of litigation but, on occasions, that is simply not possible and therefore if the situation demands we will litigate on behalf of our clients to the best of our ability. 

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Clients who are involved in family law disputes often feel that their world is crashing around them. Our job is to help them rebuild it. 

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