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Family Law Pricing

For example, Separation (settlement out of Court)

When a marriage or domestic partnership breaks down, there may be a range of legal matters to consider and settle. These may include property sale/transfer, sharing of financial assets and pensions, the residence of and contact with children, financial maintenance - even negotiating who gets the dog. This kind of work more than most others cannot be costed exactly in advance as each case is as different is as each family is from another. These matters, if the negotiation between ex-partners via solicitors is successful is captured in a legally binding Minute of Agreement (contract) signed by both parties and registered. The Terms of Engagement letter often requires a time and line/hourly/unit rate charge.

A possible outcome is a fee, based on the time and line rate, of £275 plus VAT £55.

Outlays may include a share of the registration dues of the Minute of Agreement: £40 if paying for both extracts (copies): £20 if for one only. Where a pension share is required, a pension share implementation fee payment to the Pension Administrators/Trustees which will vary from case to case but will be obtained in advance and immediately communicated to you.      

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